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  • Buy Bitcoin with Advcash

    Do you want to exchange AdvCash USD to Bitcoin (BTC)  at the best rate with minimal fee? Then you are in the right place!We don’t have any hidden fees, that’s why you will always know the exact amount to be credited to your account before the transaction is completed and can see the precise rate of the […]

  • Instantly Buy USDT TRC20 with Perfect Money

    You can exchange Perfectmoney USD to Tether USDT with low fee and no hidden charges are added against any third party broker which ultimately effect the price of exchange, which is indirectly paid by the customer by refer to them. Now Let me explain ,how to Exchange from Perfect Money to USDT using our service: […]

  • Exchange AdvCash to USDT TRC20 and UDST ERC20

    You can buy USDT (TRC20) or USDT (ERC20) using our exchange service via AdvCash and other payment methods. Stable coins like USDT, USDC or BUSD are largely used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, these stable coins are available on different blockchain networks for example ERC20 (Ethereum Blockchain) and TRC20 (Tron Blockchain). There is a difference […]

  • How To Transfer Payeer to PayPal Account

    Payeer is a multi-wallet online payment gateway that you can use to send and receive money online for both fiat (USD, EUR, RUB, etc.) and cryptocurrency. Payeer offers different payment methods to withdraw money which include transfer to the bank account or Debit/Credit cards (For some countries only). Can I transfer money from Payeer to […]

  • Pay For Google Play Developer Account

    In fulfillment of our customers’ needs and their demands we have managed to provide them with a latest convenient service.Now you can Pay For Google Play Developer Accounts in Pakistan and anywhere else using PayExchanger’s secure platform with low cost and no hidden charges.We provide you with up to date info and comfort your all in all […]