Payeer is a multi-wallet online payment gateway that you can use to send and receive money online for both fiat (USD, EUR, RUB, etc.) and cryptocurrency. Payeer offers different payment methods to withdraw money which include transfer to the bank account or Debit/Credit cards (For some countries only).

Use Pay Exchanger to exchanger payeer to paypal

Can I transfer money from Payeer to PayPal?

Actually Certainly, you can. You can use our exchange service to Transfer Payeer to PayPal easily because Payeer does not have the option to directly transfer money from Payeer to PayPal. We understand that you have money in your Payeer account but you want it in your PayPal to spend online, buy something or maybe just withdrawn PayPal to your local bank. Don’t worry, you are in the right place, we will help you to Exchange Payeer into PayPal.

How to Exchange Payeer to PayPal

I will guide you with our simple and fast process step by step. To get started with your exchange order please follow the following instructions.

  1. Click here to open Exchange Directions Page. From available exchange directions, select Payeer from You Pay list and PayPal from You Get list.
  2. On the next page, you can enter the amount which you want to exchange. The system will automatically calculate our fee. And also enter your PayPal Email where you want to get paid and your contact email where you want to be updated about your order status.
  3. After filling information, click on exchange and you will be redirected to the Payeer Merchant page to pay for your order. Once you paid your order successfully it will be converted into Manger Review for further processing.

You are all done, now it’s our part to process your order manually and send money to your PayPal account. You can submit an order without creating an account on our website but if you create an account then you will get a discount in your future orders and you can also save your payment accounts information.

Things to Remember: Payeer also charges a 0.95% fee when you pay for your order, so enter the amount accordingly in your exchange order. For example, if you have $100.95 in your Payeer account then you will be able to pay us a maximum of $100.

Supported Payeer to PayPal Currencies:

At the moment we support the following currencies options to exchange money from Payeer account to your Paypal account.

  1. Payeer USD to PayPal USD:  This direction is widely used in the same currency USD to USD and costs you a very low fee.
  2. Payeer EUR to PayPal USD: This direction is for EUR to USD, if you have EUR in your Payeer and want USD in your PayPal then you can use this exchange direction. Just in case if your PayPal account is not in USD currency then we will send money in USD and PayPal will convert it to your local currency.
  3. Payeer EUR to PayPal EUR: Sorry this direction is unavailable at the moment, but you can use EUR to USD direction for this process and it will work.
  4. Payeer RUB to PayPal USD: If you have Russian Rubles in Payeer and want USD in PayPal then use this option.
  5. Payeer RUB to PayPal RUB: This direction is not available at the moment but you can use Russian Rubles to USD instead.

FAQ About Payeer to PayPal Exchange

Q: What is the fee to transfer Payeer to PayPal?

A: Fee varies time by time and also depends on currency (USD, EUR, RUB) which you are exchanging. To know the fee simply select the exchange direction on the website and the system will calculate a fee for you.

Q: How much time it will take to process an exchange?

A: Normal processing time for Payeer to PayPal is 6 to 24 hours. Due to rush of orders sometime it may take up to 72 hours.

Q: Do I need a Verified PayPal/Payeer account to accept payment?
A:  Yes, your PayPal account needs to be verified. But there is no requirement of a verified Payeer account.

Q: How much minimum Payeer I can exchange?

A: You can exchange as low as $10.

Q: Can I transfer Payeer to Bank account?

A: If you are from Pakistan then we can help you to exchange to Bank as well. For other countries, we are working on a solution at the moment. But you can exchange it with PayPal and then PayPal to the bank.


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